Moba Legends Won Gold Plume Award and Most Anticipated Mobile Game Award

January 14th 2016, the event to select excellent games of 2015 and the tenth anniversary of Gold Plume Award came to an end in Xiamen International Convention Center, and Moba Legends won the “Most Anticipated Mobile Game” award.

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Moba Legends won the “Most Anticipated Mobile Game” award

Moba Legends is a mobile MOBA game developed by Hangzhou Electronic Soul and published by Beijing Kunlun. It’s the mobile version of Dream Three Kingdoms Online. In the game, players cannot directly buy attributes of heroes and neither stamina nor fighting capacity of PVE will influence MOBA battles. The game mainly features a fast-paced MOBA feature which is easy to access and hard to handle. As a result, the game has been very popular with players since its debut. Even Wang Sicong who’s nicknamed “National Husband” and scores of electronic sports stars have ever recommended the game.


The Dream League of Moba Legends was established in 2016. The league is a global electronic sports platform accessible to players from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, America, Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. It provides players from those countries and regions a chance to show their own talents and also have fun in electronic sports.

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